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We are a leading international charity tackling climate change and poverty by creating a sustainable market for solar lights

Our goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020

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  • Lighting the Bottom Billion

    Solar lamps not only have a huge impact on an individual level but also on a national level, already making significant contributions to GDP. Read more here. More >

  • Solar lights v solar home systems

    Solar lights V solar home systems or solar lights AND solar home systems? Find out where we stand on the debate here. More >

  • Solar lights & VAT in Zambia

    We've written a letter to the minister of finance in Zambia petitioning for a reduction in VAT for small hand-held solar lights. Read the letter to understand a little more about the work we do here at SolarAid. More >

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Solar lights are the perfect eco-present.They save on energy bills and help transform the fortunes of an entire continent at the same time.  

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Check out our partners page to see which fantastic organisations are helping us build a sustainable market for solar lights. 

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Our social enterprise is the largest seller and distributor of solar lights in Africa