Solar lights sold


Solar lights don’t just provide bright light for families in Africa, they support livelihoods, education and create a healthier environment. We have a dedicated research team in each country we work in who help us measure the amazing impact of these little solar lights as well as helping us learn how we can do it better. 

The impact on a family in rural Africa

  • Clean, safe light for the family – who reduce the risk of fire in the home, can move around safely after dark and have more opportunity to spend time together.
  • An average of $70 saved each year from reduced spending on kerosene, candles or batteries for light – about 10% of household income.
  • Half of families notice better health due to reduced indoor air pollution in the home, including a reduction in coughing, chest problems and eye irritations.
  • Children study for an extra hour each night, on average, and can make the most of their education.
  • Households reduce their CO₂ emissions by up to 200kg each year.

In Africa 84% of the rural population don't have access to electricity. By April 2015 our social enterprise SunnyMoney had sold over 1.6 million solar lights to families across Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda. 90% of SunnyMoney solar light customers live below the poverty line and collectively, the impact of 1.6 million solar lights is huge.

The impact of our work in Africa 

10 million people with access to safe, clean solar light.

£230 million saved by families *

6 million people noticing better health.

2 billion extra study hours for children *

890,000 tonnes of CO averted *


Find out how we've calculated these figures here. 
* In total over the lifetime of the solar light.

Want to know more? You can calculate the impact of your donation using our new online social impact calculator, find out how we conduct our research or read some of the reports we have published.