Solar lights sold


For the 600 million people living ‘beyond the grid’ in Africa the impact of a solar light cannot be underestimated. A solar light is the difference between a world of darkness and one of hope, opportunity and freedom. A solar light will allow a person to reach their full potential. A solar light means no more missed opportunities.

On 25th September 2015 world leaders gather to commit to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Solar lights not only directly underpin goal 7 (affordable and clean energy) they impact upon many many more.

Our latest Impact Report outlines the many ways in which sustainable markets for solar lights can help shape the future of the planet. So we’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate with you all the amazing things you’ve helped achieve over the last 12 months.

So please take the time to read our latest report and share it with your friends. Solar lights prove that it is possible to improve the health of the planet, and the lives of those living on it at the same time.

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The impact of our work in Africa 

 10 million people with access to safe, clean solar light.

$345 million saved by families *

5.8 million people noticing better health.

2 billion extra study hours for children *

880,000 tonnes of CO averted *


Find out how we've calculated these figures here. 
* In total over the lifetime of the solar light.

Want to know more? You can calculate the impact of your donation using our new online social impact calculator, find out how we conduct our research or read some of the reports we have published.