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We are building a solar movement to help alleviate poverty and create a cleaner future for all. Everyone can contribute, simply enter your email address below and join the thousands already playing their part. Don't miss out, join the movement today. 


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Having fun and getting people on board for the solar movement are two things we love doing. They are also the two things you’ll be doing when you sign up to fundraise with SolarAid.

We’re here to help you through some of the toughest times. We'll be there encouraging you to hike that extra mile or give you advice to reach your fundraising target. But we’re also here to share with you what a fantastic impact you could make to people’s everyday lives with solar light.

Give Grace, our Fundraising and Schools Project Coordinator, a call on 020 7278 0400 or email grace.power@solar-aid.org and let's get planning!


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Have we persuaded you yet? 
  • Here are our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas to get you in the mood
  • Sign up to take part in the 9bar9x9 trail running festival as an individual or in a team (and compete against Team SolarAid!)
  • Get inspired by these epic challenge adventures you could take part in
  • Fancy learning how to become a SolarAid speaker? Then call Grace for more details
  • Organise a collection - we have plenty of sunny orange buckets we’d love to share with you
  • Work at a school? We've got free resources that address issues surrounding climate change and energy poverty. Once your students have learnt about the benefits of solar, why not get them to take part in a small fundraiser?
  • If you commit to raising more than £90, once you get your first donation in we'll send you one of the solar lights we distribute in Africa for free