Solar lights sold

Posted on 29 October 2012

Meet the Sakala family (slideshow)


Another slideshow from our SunnyMoney Senior Field Coordinator for Zambia, Steve Woodward.

The Sakala family are owners of a SunKing Pro solar light. They charge it during the day, not only to light their evenings, but also to power their mobile phone. Much better than a long walk to the nearest charging station!

Mr Sakala is the Zonal Head for Maguya School, Chipata. The school has recently taken part in our SunnyMoney Schools campaign, with many students, teachers and community members now benefitting from access to clean and affordable solar light in their homes. This means more time for children to study, parents to work or simply socialise with friends and family. 

Help share the cost of a light so more families can gain access to solar powered lights.

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