Solar lights sold

Posted on 21 November 2012

What's it like to sell solar lights in Zambia? (slideshow)

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Senior Field Coordinator, Steve Woodward, has been selling solar lights in Zambia for the past three months. In that time the team have sold 4,400 systems to around 400 schools in Chipata, Katete and Chadiza districts, covering over 20,000 kilometres (12,000 miles) in the process. We think that's amazing!

Highlights include, Chigwe School teachers placing a book of 273 customer signatures in front of delighted staff; the massive excitement for our products everywhere the team went; and not being able to drive through Chipata without someone shouting 'SunnyMoney' and flagging the 4x4 down to ask about lights.

Steve is on a blogging roll! Keep up to date by visiting: steveww.tumblr.com

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Did you know you can help us sell even more solar lights to schools in rural Africa by sharing the cost of a solar light? Visit our Give page for more here.