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Christopher small

Posted on 14 February 2013

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(Above: Christopher studies, Zambia. Photo by Steve Woodward)



Our most excellent Social Impact and Research Manager, Kat Harrison, is writing a weekly blog that shares stories, facts and stats about our work in rural Africa.

Part one of the Ray of Sunshine series shows how the solar lights we sell, allow students to spend more time on their homework for school. Without solar, many students may use kerosene lamps or candles, but this is just too expensive and dangerous for families to justify. Solar, can not only save families money but grant more study time and make for a cleaner and safer home environment. Learn more below:

"From our research in one district in Malawi, we found that the children of nine in ten of the solar light users we spoke to were doing more hours homework a night, thanks to their solar light. In fact, because of the solar light, children are doing an extra two hours of study every evening, on average..." Read on at sunrisekat.tumblr.com.


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