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Posted on 05 February 2013

Zambian Government endorses our work


Blogger: Sarah Bentley, Operations Director 

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We’ve had a huge endorsement from the Zambian Government, so huge that we can’t wait for other countries to follow suit.

Last year, we approached the Ministry of Education for approval to implement our Student Lights Campaign in districts across Zambia. It took a number of meetings, phone calls and visits to the Ministry. However, within six weeks we received an approval letter from the Ministry of Education to implement the campaign in all provinces and districts for an unlimited period of time.


Students in Zambia study with a light purchased through the Student Light Campaign

We were encouraged by the positive feedback and support we received from the officials we met and by the priority they gave our application (six weeks is a very short period of time to receive project approval). There was a lot of excitement about the campaign, questions about how soon we could go to some of the districts most in need of solar lighting, as well as personal interest in the lights we sell.

With the backing of the Permanent Secretary, it has been easy to get the District Education Offices on board. It’s fantastic to have this level of support behind the Student Lights Campaign.

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