Why just shine a light when you can…

We’re using a mix of charity, business and innovation to help build a sustainable market for solar lights in Africa. There are 600 million people who live without access to electricity in Africa alone. And we’re aiming to reach them all by the end of the decade.

We've put together a host of great ways for you to get involved. Join our brand new digital fundraising community or simply buy a light.

Get involved. There are plenty of ways to inspire your friends to join you.

Join the solar movement

Enter your email address on this page and boom, you've joined the solar movement. Why not get a few friends to join too? Real change will come from the actions of the many, not the decisions of a few.

Speed of Light

You will love this. It's a never-been-seen-before digital fundraising community that connects you and your friends to see the true value of your impact. No make-up, no ice-bucket, no selfies, just a good cause.

Buy a light

What better way to Light the Way than to buy a solar light? You'll be armed with one of the most inspiring pieces of kit of the last 10 years; a light which is set to change the face of Africa forever.


It costs just £3 to get a solar light to Africa, saving a rural African family over £130.

How many lights can you donate?

Text giving

Enter your mobile number in the above box to sign up to a monthly gift of £3. That gets a new solar light to Africa each month. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions.

Impact calculator

Every donation has the power to change lives. Enter the amount of your gift into our amazing impact calculator to find out the real impact for families in rural Africa.

Resources for schools

Download our free Sunny Schools resource and teach your students about climate change and solar energy. Lesson plans, activities, quizzes, worksheets and more - all with a global dimension that children love.

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Click to tweet this: We can all play a part in a cleaner future. And there are plenty of ways to get involved. Check em out www.solar-aid.org/light-the-way via @solaraid